Celebrating Wonder Women

Susy Zinn
2 min readMar 5, 2021


“Today I feel like Wonder Woman. I wonder where I put my keys, I wonder where I left my phone, and I wonder where my money went.” - Unknown

The month of March isn’t just about celebrating the start of spring. More importantly we are celebrating International Women’s Day, honoring the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and continue to rally for women’s equality.

Being a woman and a business owner, I would like to highlight the advantages that women bring to business and the workplace. Here’s a few of them…

  1. Diversity — and a diverse workforce is an innovative workforce
  2. Women excel at the soft skills needed for business leadership
  3. Women represent huge economic power and offer important consumer insight

But while the world is changing for the better, women continue to face challenges in the workplace. And here’s a few of them…

  1. Women are still underrepresented in key fields
  2. Gender bias in the workplace — unconscious bias still exists.

3. Women are less successful when it comes to salary negotiation

And, when it comes to life insurance there is a life insurance gender gap. Women are less likely to have coverage and put a lower financial value on their lives when compared to men. Households have less financial protection for the loss of a mom compared to a dad.

If women are systematically earning less compared to men, the life insurance rule of thumb doesn’t factor in the cost savings generated by a stay-at-home parent. These caregivers may not technically earn a salary, but certainly there is real value in rearing children.

As a society, and especially as the gender pay gap persists, we must rethink how we value women from both a cultural and monetary perspective and to recognize the substantial impact all parents have on their families.

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Susy Zinn

Susana Zinn is an Independent Life Insurance Agent based in Los Angeles, California.