Real-life horror stories… and how life insurance helped

Susy Zinn
3 min readOct 30, 2020


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.”

During Halloween, we love sharing horror stories with our friends and families. Of course, the real-life ones are always the best kind. So, in keeping with tradition, here’s some scary true-to-life stories of my dear clients that were truly horrifying.

Death Becomes Her… Nightmare

Last Sunday I was on a Zoom party and I met a lady called Sabrina. She told me her daughter Lilly had to sell her apartment in LA after the ex-husband suddenly died in a car crash.

That’s horrifying! Why did she have to sell the apartment? I asked.

“Because the alimony payments stopped” (of course, the breadwinner passed away) “and Lilly didn’t have any money to pay for her children’s education, housing , etc”, Sabrina told me.

If Lilly’s ex-husband had a life insurance policy she wouldn’t have to sell the house.

It is vital to make sure the kids will have their home and education expenses guaranteed.

Daddy’s Little Girl

I had a case about Stephanie, a little girl who at 4 years old developed an illness. Both parents had to quit their jobs to take her to treatments. That’s double the horror — having a sick child and no job to support the family financially!

Fortunately, the life insurance policy they got for Stephanie had living benefits. It gave them the financial freedom to cover all the expenses until she recovered.

This is called Juvenile Life Insurance. It grows along with the premiums you put down every month.

The nice thing about Juvenile Life Insurance is that if the kids decide not to go to college, you can authorize them to borrow the cash value and use it anyway they want. If you decide to explore this option, make sure the policy has living benefits.

Another benefit is that even if the child develops a health condition in the future, they will have their life insurance in place no matter what, as long as the premiums are paid.

The Dark Hours

Jeff, my dear client, and father of 2, was only 36 years old when he suffered from cancer for 5 years.

He had an amazing group health insurance policy from his work but still the extra medical and non-medical expenses in those 5 years were over $200,000. And his wife had to quit her job to be with Jeff. Those were such dark hours for the family.

Fortunately, he had a $1 million life insurance policy with living benefits, so he was able to collect all the money he needed to cover those expenses while he was going through treatment.

Living Benefits should be included in your life insurance policy. It shouldn’t cost more than 10% extra but it’s really worth it. Some carriers don’t even charge extra.

The key takeaway in all these real-life horror stories is that having a life insurance, the kind that is custom made for you, can make these life experiences less scary and daunting. You, and most of all your family, don’t have to go through the nightmare.

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Susy Zinn

Susana Zinn is an Independent Life Insurance Agent based in Los Angeles, California.